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phone1 +1562-206-7948 | +1 202 899 0528

Ms Shadi Pourkashef

Goodwill Ambassador (Laguna Beach CA)
Ms Shadi Pourkashef

Shadi is a mother, composer/conductor and a teacher, recognized for her fierce advocacy to find a solution to bullying inspired by her son in 2011, she was chosen by the Woodcanyon Elementary school principal to become the CAC (Community Advisory Committee) Representative of the school for the Capistrano Unified School District. For Shadi the urgency to address her son’s situation quickly turned into an urgency to address this epidemic within her community. Shortly after, Shadi became a board member of the CAC, serving on the Ability Awareness Programs Committee. While this committee had developed wonderful teaching programs on tolerance, acceptance and understanding towards children with special needs, it became apparent that the area of bullying wasn’t being directly addressed. In December of 2012 she saw the opportunity to fill in where their proposed programs had limited reach and founded Ability Awareness Project, a non-profit based in Laguna Beach, California with the mission to build a united interconnected world, free of bullying. Ability Awareness Project has developed an online educational platform at www.KindAndSafeSchools.org and a total of 7 presentations for parents, educators and students K-12+ providing anti-bullying education. She became a founding Member in June 2018 and a Goodwill Ambassador for Laguna Beach. With the support of her city council she has acheived so much in a short time and we are very grateful for her commitment and passion to the global campaign for a kinder world. Email info@worldkindnessusa.org