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World Kindness USA (WKUSA) launched on the back of a 20 year international campaign, which has over the last five years seen national kindness bodies established in the Australia, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, and now the USA. Designed to bring people from a diverse background together to unite a nation on the platform of kindness regardless of politics, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and even zip codes, to see a kinder world realized in our lifetime.

We are not a governing body, WKUSA is a platform for national collaboration based on a foundation of kindness designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world and bridge the divide. Our membership base is not specifically for “Kindness” organisations as it seeks engagement with Cities, Government Departments, Business, Education, NFP Community Groups, Peak Association Bodies and Individuals of influence. Harnessing the goodwill and ideas from across the nation and indeed the world, we are positioning WKUSA to deliver outcomes for real change by engaging cities to support our member’s campaigns and activities which is a key element to our charter to implement the global strategy for the greater good. Our work will support our members’ campaigns, research, education and events, all of which are designed to ensure Kindness is firmly placed on the national agenda. 

World Kindness USA was registered as Not For Profit in mid 2017 and following a unanimous resolution at the 20th anniversary by international delegates convening in  Seoul for the 9th General Assembly, became a full member to the peak global body,  the World Kindness Movement representing 28 nations.  Shortly after this World Kindness USA received independent international recognition and endorsement as the peak US National Kindness body by the World Kindness Movement’s International Council after the motion was put and resolved unanimously on 13 December 2017. We are encouraged by the overwhelming expressions of interest we have already received from Cities, Schools, NGOs, Charities and businesses at a time when the world struggles to be the best it can be where too often good people are being captured by a campaign of fear and hate. To learn more watch videos:

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Immediate Past General Secretary of The World Kindness Movement
Michael Lloyd-White provides  valuable insights for all of us to consider in this candid interview with Jesse Johnson, explaining the reasons why he accepted the challenge to take on the role as our Chief Advisor to the Board and why he sees the success of World Kindness USA as an essential element in the global strategy to create a kinder world. Play Audio

The Courage To Be Kind

by Jesse Johnson | Jesse Johnson Interviews Michael Lloyd-White on the global campaign asking what would he say to President Trump?


The Preamble to The Declaration Of Support

Nelson Mandela held the unshakeable belief that South Africa would see an end to Apartheid despite being imprisoned for 27 years. Abraham Lincoln held the unshakable belief that “All Men Are Created Equal” despite the threat of civil war and dissention from within his own party. The Rev Martin Luther King Had a Dream, a dream to which he gave his life to. And Ghandi believed that peaceful protest would overcome brutal injustice. They all had one thing in common, they held lofty aspirations for positive change during a time of civil conflict fuelled by fear and where kindness rarely appeared on any agenda. To learn more watch video

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The Courage To Be Kind
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