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World Kindness USA

World Kindness USA (WKUSA) is a registered 501 c3 Not for Profit, which launched on the back of a 20 year international campaign for a kinder world. The campaign saw national kindness bodies established in the Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia, after having launched World Kindness Day in 1998 (November 13). Designed to bring people from a diverse background together to unite nations on the platform of kindness regardless of politics, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and even zip codes, it has received support from heads of state and is now recognized as the official day to recognize the important role kindness plays in societies around the world.

Since launching in the US on 27th July 2018 we have already:

  • Engaged 5 US cities on the east and west coast through unanimous resolutions thereby becoming founding members including securing support from numerous City Mayors such as the City of LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti.
  • Engaged US District School Boards representing 200,000 students on the east and west coasts.
  • Signed a LA film studio, Thunder Studios, as a founding member gaining access to all their resources.
  • Secured Variety International, the USA’s oldest children’s charity becoming a founding member with its 22 offices around the nation.
  • Signed the USA’s leading national Cyber Security think tank, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) officially joined.
  • Appointed Goodwill Ambassadors in over 20 cities.
  • Launched our interactive co-branded kindness cards with Cities, Businesses, Non-Profits, TEDx and Universities.
  • Secured the first Law Enforcement Agency, Stafford County Sheriff’s Dept as official members to the campaign.
  • Seen the first County in the USA become official members, Wicomico County MD.
  • Successfully submitted an application to have the 1st US City internationally endorsed at the 10th General assembly in Switzerland and listed as a World Kindness City, (City of Salisbury MD).

How Did We Achieve This? It was through collaboration and commitment of a lot of people doing a little bit to add value rather than seek benefits of belonging. We do not seek donations, sponsorship or grants in aid, we seek engagement asking everyone to participate in the global campaign for a kinder world.

What Do We Do? We work with our member organizations in the private and public sector guiding them on how to embed a culture of kindness in their workplace and the greater community. We support our member’s initiatives leading up to World Kindness Day which include hosting “Conversations in Kindness” at official signing ceremonies for the “Declaration of Support” for a kinder world as well as the Rock 4 Kindness and Ride 4 Kindness events launching in June. We also facilitate workshops to address the barriers to kindness and provide inspirational speakers to give keynote addresses at school, community or corporate events.

Why We Do What We Do? The US is the most influential nation on the planet and needs to play a lead role in the global campaign for a kinder world. We need to place “Kindness” on the national agenda, however to do that we must first remove the myths of kindness. Kindness is the missing string to our bow that addresses the toxic cultures that lead to depression, bullying, suicide, school shootings and even acts of terror. Kindness can bridge the great American divide ensuring the seeds of fear and hate can never take root when we find our courage to be kind in the “Home of The Brave” and remain “indivisible”.

World Kindness City

Cities across the world are placing kindness on the agenda to embed a culture of kindness within their communities from the classroom, to the staffroom, and from the boardroom to our corridors of government.

As the peak national US Kindness body, World Kindness USA can assist Cities who decide to start this journey to meet the KPI’s and possibly qualify to be internationally recognized and endorsed as a World Kindness City.

Engaging All Sectors of The Community in the Global Campaign For A Kinder World.

World Kindness Card

Start the journey by registering your World Kindness Card here before passing it on to someone deserving. Our World Kindness Cards keep a diary of its journey as it collects miles and smiles when passed on from one deserving person to another tracking its journey on Google Maps. Register the card, then hold onto it but don’t keep it. At an appropriate time when you witness an act of kindness, acknowledge s Australia. (RRP $5.00ea Special wholesale rates for orders over 1000 and for charities and schools)

Join the campaign

“On this day 9/11 2018 the day the City of Laguna Beach draws a line in the sand to never allow a campaign of fear to divide us again. On this day we stand together to support those with the courage to be kind.” Michael Lloyd-White

Speaking to the motion of Laguna Beach unanimously resolving to join the global campaign for a kinder world and become a World Kindness City. Councillor Steve Dictarow, WKUSA Goodwill Ambassador Ms Shadi Pourkashef and Chief Adviser to the WKUSA Board, Michael Lloyd-White See link to full video presentation

The Preamble to The
Declaration of Support

Nelson Mandela held the unshakeable belief that South Africa would see an end to Apartheid despite being imprisoned for 27 years. Abraham Lincoln held the unshakable belief that “All Men Are Created Equal” despite the threat of civil war and dissention from within his own party. The Rev Martin Luther King Had a Dream, a dream to which he gave his life to. And Ghandi believed that peaceful protest would overcome brutal injustice. They all had one thing in common, they held lofty aspirations for positive change during a time of civil conflict fuelled by fear and where kindness rarely appeared on any agenda.

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