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Breaking News. Seeking Kindness Heroes. “In Search of Captain Kindness USA”

Wednesday, November 13th 2019

On World Kindness Day 2019 we launched a nationwide search for Captain Kindness USA taking place in every city over the next 12 months. Apart from meeting the kindness challenges, participants will be invited to submit audition tapes in full costume. We will also be seeking contributions to the Chronicles of Captain Kindness to enter into a short film competition.

So, If You Are Kind, If You Are Courageous, If You Are prepared to meet the kindness challenges, then you could be deemed Captain Kindness USA after a 12-month vetting process.

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Finalists will be judged in part on the audition, costume design, the impact they have on their community, and how they handle unscripted moments spontaneously handling the unkindness of others. The public vote will represent 50% and a panel appointed by World Kindness USA who will take candidates and those who know them, through a round of interviews.

The finalists will be flown to an event in DC where the winner will be announced at the National Kindness Summit for World Kindness Day November 13, 2020 where we will screen the finalist auditions and how they met the kindness challenges. The winner will be presented with a $5,000 check to go to the charity of their choice.

The Search Begins Now!

#BridgeThe Divide

We would like to thank the good people at XOCIAL and SimplifiedImpact who have put this campaign together on behalf of World Kindness USA.

How to join the Search for Captain Kindness

Applicants must become individual members and undertake to accept the Kindness Clause to join the search!

Step 1: Register for the Search.
Click Here to register for the Search for Captain Kindness.

Step 2: Submit audition video.
Submit a one minute audition video inside your app.xocial account.

Step 3: Walk the talk!

Welcome to the Campaign

At a meeting in London in 2012 international strategies were presented to encourage engagement in all sectors, through supporting the creation of peak national kindness bodies around the world to act as national platforms of collaboration based on a foundation of kindness, to enable greater reach to better influence positive change. Goodwill Ambassador undertake to assist us with this pursuit by representing World Kindness USA (WKUSA) on a voluntary basis, to raise awareness to the global campaign and engage communities, ensuring kindness is firmly placed on the national agenda to bridge the divides caused by the campaign of fear and hate.

We are engaging all sectors of our communities which include but are not limited to: Business / Education / Research / Media / Sport / Hospitality / Tourism / Events – It – Health Care – Not For Profit / Community Groups – Kindness Organizations / Peak Association Bodies – Legal / Finance / Banking / Insurance / Advertising – Arts / Theatre / Film / Music / Television / Print & Social Media / Literature – Social Enterprise – Emergency Services / Defense Force / Law Enforcement / Fire / Ambulance

World Kindness USA Values Your Time, Passion, Skills & Experience.

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We are constantly seeking programs and workshops for World Kindness USA to endorse and deliver to our members and interested parties. Your skills and experience have been identified along with your passion and purpose as essential elements to provide a value add to our collective work. We welcome you to form teams for different projects and should you wish to participate on various committees based on your skill set and experience, we would welcome your input.

Its important to note the expectation as a Goodwill Ambassador is that you will be able to inspire others to join the national campaign through activities you have either instigated or collaborated on. Initiatives can be “Conversations In Kindness” panels, hosted in a café to a Town Hall, engaging your City to be listed as a World Kindness City, facilitating a Kindness Workshop or a community event for World Kindness Day November 13th.

Your level of participation is entirely up to how much time you are able to contribute, however we do expect the WKUSA Goodwill Ambassadors to be confident in representing the campaign to the public at formal gatherings.

WKUSA Goodwill Ambassadors are passionate, inspired and able to think outside the square, while understanding the importance of working within a diverse passionate team. They understand the challenges and obstacles to seeking the “kinder option” in all matters in a world which struggles to be the best it can be. Most importantly they have good humour with excellent communication skills and an extensive network to deliver our message to disperse the “Myths of Kindness” in a world that has become all about self. Members will be provided with a “Letter of Understanding” and invitation to upcoming events.

To receive your certificate of membership, Members can host your own local “Signing Ceremony” inviting your stakeholders and interested parties to attend.

To invite a member of our executive to speak at your event please, email the details to info@worldkindnessusa.org

Things You Should Know About  World Kindness USA

  • World Kindness USA has no Political or Religious affiliations.
  • World Kindness USA will support the overarching endeavours of the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • World Kindness USA will not seek nor accept donations or apply for grants, it will be independently funded through a sustainable business model designed to support, promote and work with the goodwill initiatives for all to create positive change.

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  • World Kindness USA is not a governing body, it is a platform for national collaboration designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • Membership to World Kindness USA is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits of membership but rather providing a value add to the campaign for a kinder world.
  • In August 2017 WKUSA became a registered Not For Profit. No one owns WKUSA and there is no individual “Founder.”
  • Approval for Membership to the World Kindness Movement was formally announced at the 20th Anniversary at the 9th General Assembly in Seoul on 3rd Sept 2017.
  • World Kindness USA was officially endorsed on the 13th of December 2017 as a National Peak Kindness Body by the World Kindness Movement’s International Council.

“Seeking Good People to do Great Things”

Who is Captain Kindness?

“Saving the World, One Hug At a Time” Captain Kindness fights by stander behavior, teaches lessons in the Courage to be Kind, Enlists Kindness Commandos to Commit random acts of Kindness, demonstrates hospitality rather than hostility, gratitude rather than attitude, inclusion rather than exclusion, respect rather than Intolerance.”

  • Always there to help the helpless Special Powers,
  • Super Cool because he is Super Kind
  • Has a Super Smile
  • Is a Master in the Ancient Martial Art, “ Tai Kind Do”
  • Can Appear Anywhere at Anytime
  • Has a Super Care Factor allows him to see people’s inner and higher self.
  • Gives Super Hugs that release people’s fear.
  • Super sight and hearing ,can hear and see trouble from a miles away
  • Can Find kindness in anyone
  • Has his Cape of Kindness with special powers
  • Has a Partner “Commander Kindness” always gracious, hospitable, & inclusive, communicates with nature.
  • Lies, insults, sticks and stones, bad names, can never harm him
  • Weaknesses Captain Kindness: Needs to complete one random act of kindness per day loses his powers.
  • Needs to give a Smile and Hello to a person in need or loses her powers of persuasion and ability telepathy with animals.
  • The Captain’s Nemesis ; Dr Von Bullie (Clever but Mean) and Cantesa De Malevolenta(Beautiful but Nasty) are always out to foil the Captain’s good deeds, through their plotting and scheming and gossip spreading seeds of doubt and fear of others who may be different..
  • The Captain’s Alter-Ego; Patrick Malone Occupation: Relief School Teacher.
  • Background Many years ago when Captain Kindness was an infant, he was left on the steps of an orphanage

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He was given the name Patrick Malone by his carers, he never knew who his parents were or where he came from. He had no one except his best friend, in the orphanage, Craig Spent, they were like brothers. One day Craig was bullied so badly by a gang from his nearby school, he ran away, into the mountains. Concerned for his best friend, little Patrick left the orphanage late that evening to go in search of Craig. The journey was dangerous for any man, let alone a boy of 10yrs of age and especially at night.

Patrick had heard people tell stories of the strange happenings in the old abandoned temple, high in the mountains. Undaunted he did not hesitate, ignoring the warning & keep out signs, he climbed over the fence at the foot of the mountain. Along the path Patrick came across an old, blind Asian man who had been beaten, robbed and left for dead. Patrick did not take much with him but gave the old man the little food and water he had. He then helped the old man to his cottage and Patrick continued his journey. Some hours later, just before dawn, Patrick was approaching the mountain’s summit. There had been no response to his call out to Craig but instead he heard a howlof a pack of wolves. The howls were getting closer and in fear of the dogs he entered the old temple and to his surprise he found the Old blind Asian man, meditating but levitating above the floor!

The Blind man, grateful for the boys kindness, told him the history of the temple and he was a mystic and the last master of “Tai Kind Do” and that a great darkness was coming and Patrick was the “chosen one” and had passed the test. Unfortunately his friend, Craig through his anger and pain, had closed his heart and unable to forgive, was lured by dark forces to a cave on the other side of the mountain. Unknown to Patrick, Craig was to become his arch enemy Dr Von Bullie. Years of training passed and Captain Kindness emerged as our one only and best hope to lead the Kindness revolution against a world gripped by fear.