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Ms Victoria St.John

Goodwill Ambassador  (Boulder, CO)
Ms Victoria St.John
Victoria is known as A “ballsy” city girl, Having made her mark with bold concepts and an intrepid desire to find and/or create the next big idea. She raised over $2million in funding, branded 50+ businesses, served on several Chamber Boards and was featured on 20/20. At 40, diagnosed with ADD her career focus shifted, she spent 9 years working to better understand ADD and related disorders, identifying critical social & economic problems in the process. Advocating for Neurodiversity, looking to empower other adults who sit in the state of confusion she once knew only to well, Victoria sees global collaboration as imperative when the world is divided by Politics, Hierarchy, Racism, and Religion.  As co founder of  Sexy Genius  she has built a social platform for the Neurodiverse community and felt it was the perfect timing to become a Founding Corporate Member and add value World Kindness USA’s big picture supporting the global platform to challenge the stigma associated with Spectrum Disorders and promote awareness, acceptance and intrigue around the Neurodivergent mind. Her  personal philosophy, “We are leaders, risk takers and big thinkers. We embrace our fears and accept our failures. We do not stand in judgment of others, we accept everyone for exactly who they are, and where they are in their own journey.We are so grateful to have Victoria’s amazing mind join with others in our quest to create a national platform for collaboration based on a foundation of kindness. info@worldkindnessusa.org