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phone1 +1562-206-7948 | +1 202 899 0528

Ms Nancy Klueter

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board  Community  (Los Angeles)
Ms Nancy Klueter – Variety Chair of the North American Regional Council.
Variety International became WUSA’s first founding Member in 2018 resolving the motion unanimously at their global summit in South Australia where they underwent signing the Declaration of Support. With a network of 22 offices throughout the nation celebrating 90 years of operation, Variety is providing a unique opportunity to catapult the campaign across the nation with boots on the ground. Nancy joined The Walt Disney Company as a marketing coordinator, rising to Vice President, Exhibitor Relations in 6 years and working there for more than 24 years. In this capacity she developed new strategic marketing campaigns with key stakeholders to drive box-office success – from trailer programming to build-your-own grass roots marketing resulting in 90% participation in many of the programs. Joined 2656 Marketing – a boutique marketing firm – after leaving Disney becoming partner in 18 months. While beginning her career at Disney she was asked to join the board of Variety – the Children’s Charity of So. California to help rebuild the organization. Nancy became an Ambassador for Variety International in 2004, board member of Variety International in 2007 where she continues to serve as Chairman of the North American Regional Council. Nancy also serves as Director for the Will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneer Foundation. Nancy has been appointed to the WKUSA National Advisory Board to ensure Variety maximises its value add to the global campaign for a kinder world.  info@worldkindnessusa.org