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Ms Andrea Munro

Goodwill Ambassador (Rhode Island)
Ms Andrea Munro

Andrea Munro is an educator with 15 years of experience in curriculum development, technology integration, and faculty training at both the K-12 and higher education levels.  Her journey to education was nontraditional.  Beginning as a marketing manager for a TV network in NYC, she volunteered as a NYCares Team Lead providing enrichment opportunities for homeless children while their parents received job placement training.  After such a rewarding experience, she decided to switch careers, attending graduate school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and working as a mathematics teacher at a Media Arts High School.  It was here that she began to see the value of multimedia to provide equity both inside and outside the classroom.  Through her web-based curriculum, parents who worked fulltime could be part of her classroom and students who needed to spend longer reviewing class content could do so without fear of judgment or ridicule.  This eventually led to a career in online Instructional Design at the college level where she currently teaches educators to leverage technology to ensure accessibility, equitability, and inclusivity.  In her volunteer efforts, she used the power of multimedia to spread the Kindness Recycled Movement recruiting 70 partner organizations, from 23 states, and together, they committed to over 500,000 acts of kindness during World Kindness Week in 2018 https://kindnessrecycled.org/.  Andrea is committed to researching new and innovative ways to further these endeavors through her current dissertation work.  As the World Kindness Ambassador to Rhode Island, Andrea applies her unique skill set to create videos for WKUSA that build awareness and spread the organization’s vision and mission.  Under the Kindness Recycled Movement umbrella, she also speaks on behalf of WKUSA to children and school leaders to promote kindness curriculum, empowering young people to shift negative school cultures.