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phone1 +1562-206-7948 | +1 202 899 0528

Mrs. Shirley Zink

Goodwill Ambassador (Corona, CA)
Mrs. Shirley ZinkShirley has received several honors including:  “Volunteer of the year in Orange County in 2003” ”Woman of Significance” with Soroptimists in 2009, “Molina Healthcare Award” in 2010, Bank of America “Local Hero Award” in 2010, “National Anti-Bullying Award”, presented by the National School Safety Council in 2014 and the “Citizen of the Year” presented by the Corona Chamber of Commerce in 2017.  She also sits on the board of her church.  She taught junior high school students before starting her family.  Shirley and her husband started a business in 1989, West Coast Fund Raising.  In 1988 their son Steven, tragically, took his life on his 19th birthday as a result of bullying which led to depression. This led Shirley on a quest to make sure that the bullying Steve had experienced would not happen to other families.  She became a New Hope crisis counselor, taught suicide prevention dn intervention for 14 year and was a member of the American Society for Suicidology. She founded Simple Acts of Care & Kindness, Inc., a non-profit with a mission to make our world a kinder place which became a founding member of World Kindness USA in 2018.   Shirley directed a “Care & Kindness” conference for her church which led her to the belief that “care and kindness” needs to begin with children.  It was great leading, inspiring and educating adults on how to care for others, but she believed that there needed to be a venue that spoke directly to children.

In 2004 the first World Kindness Youth Conference was held.  It was small but it was a good beginning.  Each year it has grown and now there are over 4000 4th graders attending each year.

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