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phone1 +1562-206-7948 | +1 202 899 0528

Mr Stephanus Vermeulen

Goodwill Ambassador  (New York)
Mr Stephanus Vermeulen

Stephanus  is the founder of 4 Good and former advisor to the Obama administration. Hailing initially from the Netherlands, his global company has a focus on purpose. One of our newest Corporate Members and Goodwill Ambassador was introduced by our New Jersey Goodwill Ambassador, Mr Corey Harnish.  “Consumer spending is the most powerful force in World Change, if even a fraction of that spending can fight climate change, reduce poverty and inequality, the impact is enormous.” 4Good Inc. is a For-Profit Corporation that seeks to weave “Giving” into peoples’ daily lives by offering a High-Tech. Marketplace using cutting edge Ai and Blockchain Technology to stimulate Consumers and Brands to donated to causes that can take real action about the most pressing issues of our society. Check it out: www.4Good.app email info@worldkindnessusa.org