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phone1 +1562-206-7948 | +1 202 899 0528

Mr Christian Bishop

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board E Gaming Youth  (Los Angeles CA)Mr Christian Bishop- CEO Thunder Gaming.
A graduate of California State University-Northridge and passionate lifelong gamer, Christian is committed to building the E-sport community at Thunder Gaming which sits with the Thunder Group which became WKUSA’s first Corporate Founding Member. Christian also starred on the Bachelorette and as a frequent presenter on TV he is no stranger to the spotlight. He believes, “Gamers as a group, are natural introverts and traditional pop culture outsiders, but stepping into that star-gamer spotlight can be a heady experience, and it’s easy to become arrogant and forget your roots when you’re finally sitting at the cool kids’ table.” Christian is considered an authority on this growing industry which is about to surpass all sports events in volume around the globe both from a participants and spectators perspective. He recognises with growth comes the burden of managing a culture and many of his industry’s business leaders in charge of prominent platforms, events and corporate sponsors seem ready to pursue “gated-community”. Inclusivity is a favourite subject of his but a challenge for the industry which sees a growing culture of trolls, bullying and sexual discrimination online. Thunder and Christian are on the front foot of addressing this and we will learn how as the community at Thunder events is thriving and inclusive. Christian was quoted “It’s in no one’s best interest to allow e-sports to evolve into an industry myopically focused on superstar players with little opportunity for talented, but unknown gamers, or our industry leaders to focus on short-term profits and at the expense of a culture and a community. These trends and practices will not be healthy for our industry.” Christian provides the perfect conduit for his generation to the message World Kindness USA hopes to reach.  info@worldkindnessusa.org