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Makahya “Foxxy” Drake

Makahya “Foxxy” Drake Madison,
Youth Goodwill Ambassador
“Music”Foxxy is a solo R&B, Pop, and Hip-hop artist who in 2019 auditioned for American Idol in her hometown and won the top prize “The Silver Ticket”, and Joseph Parisi, Dane County Executive, presented her with an unimaginable honor; The County of Dane Proclamation proclaiming October 11th Makahya Drake Day. Foxxy participateed in our Rock4Kindness event which introduced her to the campaign for a kinder world. She was one of the first to respond wanting to get on board and engage her local city.

When asked about her aspirations/goals; Foxxy states, “it is my goal to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams no matter their cultural background, age, sex or ethnicity through relatable music.” akahya “Foxxy” Drake, a song writer, singer, rapper, dancer and choreographer. Growing up singing in the choir and performing as a liturgical dancer at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Madison, WI not only strengthened her faith and moral foundation, but also her love for music and dance. At 19years of age Foxxy is a valued member of our Youth Goodwill Ambassadors and we warmly welcome her to the campaign to bride the Great American Divide through the global campaign for a kinder world.