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phone1 +1562-206-7948 | +1 202 899 0528

Dr Lorraine Dickey

Director  World Kindness USA Board  Health Care (Philadelphia Pennsylvania)
Dr Lorraine Dickey MD MBA
Lorraine is a physician with 30 years in health care as a board certified physician in Neonatology and Palliative Medicine. She is also a patient for17 years in the US healthcare system after catastrophic ski accident in 2001 including head injury and living with breast cancer since 2013. Her passion is improving the experience of receiving and providing health care for patients, family members and staff. Lorraine has made it he mission and founded The Narrative Initiative, LLC, to provide opportunities for professionals and the public to share short personal stories in a safe, facilitated narrative fashion demonstrated by research to immediately improve critical listening and communication skills, enhance resilience, improve team cohesion, and validate difficult experiences. Committed to research that advances the fields of narrative work and narrative medicine. In April 2018 The Narrative Initiative, LLC became a Founding member of World Kindness USA and Lorraine was invited to sit on the WKUSA National Advisory Board. The Narrative Kindness Project: gives handmade Japanese origami cranes to recognize authentic kind acts –performed through words, actions, or kind acts of omission — to promote KINDFULNESS, the intentional and mindful expression of kindness. info@worldkindnessusa.org