In addition to the above positions, we are sourcing people in every city from our classrooms to our staffrooms and from our boardrooms to those residing in the corridors of government to become official Goodwill Ambassadors taking on a voluntary leadership role. Goodwill Ambassadors are working and connecting with organizations to create collective diverse networks in each community. Our networks are designed to collaborate to create initiatives which promote a national campaign and provide opportunities for engaging the nation to embrace the courage to choose the kinder option in all matters, understanding every act of courage is tempered with kindness because both are selfless and should never be mistaken for weakness.
Chairman- World Kindness USA Board (San Francisco CA)
Mr. Will Glennon
Will is seen as the original pioneer of the Kindness Movement in the USA, being the founder of Random Acts of Kindness Foundation which was established in 1996. A lawyer by trade and successful book publisher, Will found himself becoming a voice for Kindness, representing the USA at the international table following a series of serendipitous events. In 2012 he served as a member of the International Council, having been one of the founding members of the World Kindnesss Movement in 1997. Since stepping down from his involvement with the global movement, he had been observing the energy and growth of the kindness community within the United States for some years  with increasing optimism. It became very clear to him that the moment had arrived for the US kindness community to take the next step of evolution to organize in a way that will facilitate collaboration, innovation and the inclusion of all sectors. It is in that spirit that Will has re-entered the space to encourage a nation to join with  World Kindness USA on a national platform of collaboration based on a foundation of kindness.

Treasurer  World Kindness USA Board Business (Long Beach CA )
Mr Rodric David
Rodric, an entrepreneur with years of international private equity experience, is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Thunder Studios and Thunder Gaming. The first Corporate Founding Members of World Kindness USA., Thunder brings a tremendous value-add to the global campaign through its resources and networks positioning WKUSA to gain tremendous reach rarely afforded to Non Profits. Thunder is a fully integrated emerging digital media company operating in Los Angeles, California that is passionately pursuing opportunities at the intersection of the three categories in which millennial consumers spend 70% of their time on mobile devices; Gaming, Social Media and Entertainment. Thunder Studios, founded in 2013, provides studio and production services to the traditional entertainment industry (feature films, commercials, print advertising, and music videos to name a few), as well as producing original content from its 150,000 square foot production facility on six acres in Long Beach.  Thunder Gaming, launched in January 2018, hosts, produces, and broadcasts live esports tournaments and gaming programing from the Thunder Esports Center, a 16,000 square foot permanent live broadcast arena and broadcast stage and is the location for World Kindness USA head office.  Rodric attended the University of Southern California, graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and is a sought-after guest speaker on the trends in digital and traditional media and has spoken at numerous conferences throughout the  USA E

Secretary – CEO  (Sydney Australia )
Mr Michael Lloyd-White
Michael is an agent for positive change with an extensive background in strategic planning, having consulted on staffing strategies for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Since 2011 Michael has been the Chair of Australia’s peak national body, World Kindness Australia and in 2012 at the London 7th General Assembly, became the first elected Secretary General to the prestigious peak international body, The World Kindness Movement, representing 27 nations. In this capacity , Michael secured former non-member nations’ participation in the global campaign for a kinder world delivering the Australian Prime Minister’s Message at the launch of World Kindness China in Hong Kong in 2013. Following chairing the 8th International Council Meeting in Paris, he met with the Minister of the Prime Minister of Thailand to discuss hosting the 1st World Leaders Kindness Summit in Bangkok. In 2017 he delivered the current Australian Prime Minister’s Message of Support in Seoul, & chaired the  9th General Assembly for the World Kindness Movement’s 20th Anniversary, where he successfully presented Australia’s City of Gold Coast bid to receive an international endorsement as a “World Kindness City.” Michael was presented with the President’s International Achievement Award to recognise his accomplishments on behalf of the movement during his 5 year term. He was later honored in Australia as “Most Inspiring Man of the Year 2018”  for men’s mental health (Previous recipients include the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Australian Minsiter for Foriegn Affairs & Trade).
Since stepping down as Secretary General in Sept 2017, Michael has accepted the challenge to be the  on the Board for World Kindness USA and CEO. As a TEDx speaker he continues to deliver passionate keynote addresses around the world to engage, inspire and influence leaders and people of influence, on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.

Director  World Kindness USA Board  Health Care (Philadelphia Pennsylvania)
Dr Lorraine Dickey MD MBA
Lorraine is a physician with 30 years in health care as a board certified physician in Neonatology and Palliative Medicine. She is also a patient for17 years in the US healthcare system after catastrophic ski accident in 2001 including head injury and living with breast cancer since 2013. Her passion is improving the experience of receiving and providing health care for patients, family members and staff. Lorraine has made it he mission and founded The Narrative Initiative, LLC, to provide opportunities for professionals and the public to share short personal stories in a safe, facilitated narrative fashion demonstrated by research to immediately improve critical listening and communication skills, enhance resilience, improve team cohesion, and validate difficult experiences. Committed to research that advances the fields of narrative work and narrative medicine. In April 2018 The Narrative Initiative, LLC became a Founding member of World Kindness USA and Lorraine was invited to sit on the WKUSA National Advisory Board. The Narrative Kindness Project: gives handmade Japanese origami cranes to recognize authentic kind acts –performed through words, actions, or kind acts of omission — to promote KINDFULNESS, the intentional and mindful expression of kindness.

Director  World Kindness USA Board  Education (Corona California)
John Zickefoose

In 2010 John was elected as President to the Corona Norco school board the eighth largest district in the state of California serving 54,000 students., John AKA “Mr. Z” is a natural storyteller and delights in bringing books to young readers.  But that has not always been the case.  At his wife’s suggestion, Mr. Z contacted the Corona Public Library and began to attend Adult literacy classes. Empowered by his new reading skills, Mr. Z became an advocate for the youth in the community.  In 1996, he founded United Neighbors Involving Today’s Youth (UNITY).  This collaborative group has grown over the past 22 years to include more than 80 public and private organizations.  UNITY has helped to obtain over 16 million dollars in grant funding for Corona-Norco Unified Schools. Mr. Z ultimately became the Coordinator for the Corona Public Library Adult Literacy Program, over the years he has read to more than 200,000 students.  He has appeared on television on ABC, NBC, CNN, and PBS, and has given numerous radio and print interviews on the subject of literacy. Mr. Z is currently a member of (SACK Board of Directors Simple Acts of Care and Kindness) the Corona Chamber of Commerce, YMCA Board of Directors and President of the Corona Norco School Board. In the past, he has served as President and founder of UNITY, Chairperson for Red Ribbon Week, “No Child Left Behind”, Board Member of Pro Literacy Worldwide, Corona Police Activities League, (ADV Alternatives to Domestic Violence), Fair Housing Council of Riverside County Champions for Justice Award and Voices for Adult Literacy United for Education board. Recognitions he has received include the PTA “Honorary Service Award, Laubach Literacy Action Award, Soroptomist Award for “The Advancement of Women”, “Distinguished Citizen Award” from the Temescal District Boy Scouts, Corona Chamber of Commerce Award, Board of Directors Appreciation Award from the YMCA and “Hometown Hero” Award from California Legislator Rod Pacheco. email

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board  Health Care & Research (New York)
Dr Stephen G. Post, Ph.D
Stephen is the best-selling author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Happier, Healthier Life by the Simple Act of Giving (Random House). He has been quoted in more than 4000 national and international newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Parade Magazine, “O” Magazine, The US News & World Report, and Psychology Today. He has been interviewed on numerous television shows including Nightline, The Daily Show, and John Stossel. Dr Post has taught at the University of Chicago Medical School, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (1988-2008), and Stony Brook University School of Medicine (2008-), where he is Founding Director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics (designated as a special strength of the Stony Brook School of Medicine by the LCME visiting committee 2011). He is an elected member of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the New York Academy of Medicine, and the Royal Society of Medicine, London. Post served as a Becket Research Fellow at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford. His research had been supported by the National Institute on Aging, the National Human Genome Institute, and the National Institute of Mental Health, as well as by numerous private foundations. Dr Post addressed the U.S. Congress on volunteerism and public health, and received the Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement. He was selected as the Public Member of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Composite Committee (2000-2005), and reappointed for “greatly appreciated contributions.” In 2012, Dr Post received the Pioneer Medal for Outstanding Leadership in HealthCare from the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network. He received the Kama Book Award in Medical Humanities from World Literacy Canada in 2008, and the “top notch” public speaking award from the Ohio Endowment for the Humanities. We welcome Stephen to the team and look forward to collaborating on the strategic plan to create a kinder world. Email
Member WKUSA National Advisory Board  Community  (Los Angeles)
Ms Nancy Klueter – Variety Chair of the North American Regional Council.
Variety International became WUSA’s first founding Member in 2018 resolving the motion unanimously at their global summit in South Australia where they underwent signing the Declaration of Support. With a network of 22 offices throughout the nation celebrating 90 years of operation, Variety is providing a unique opportunity to catapult the campaign across the nation with boots on the ground. Nancy joined The Walt Disney Company as a marketing coordinator, rising to Vice President, Exhibitor Relations in 6 years and working there for more than 24 years. In this capacity she developed new strategic marketing campaigns with key stakeholders to drive box-office success – from trailer programming to build-your-own grass roots marketing resulting in 90% participation in many of the programs. Joined 2656 Marketing – a boutique marketing firm – after leaving Disney becoming partner in 18 months. While beginning her career at Disney she was asked to join the board of Variety – the Children’s Charity of So. California to help rebuild the organization. Nancy became an Ambassador for Variety International in 2004, board member of Variety International in 2007 where she continues to serve as Chairman of the North American Regional Council. Nancy also serves as Director for the Will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneer Foundation. Nancy has been appointed to the WKUSA National Advisory Board to ensure Variety maximises its value add to the global campaign for a kinder world.

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board  Community  (Connecticut)
Ms Veronic Mollica – The Kindness Solution.
Veronica heads up Strategic Partnerships at Cyber Security Network,  CyberSN Staffing Partner Program, creating alliances with cyber security boutique search firms across the US. Veronica is a Founding Member of World Kindness, USA, which we officially launched in July 2018! This was a natural evolution from a grassroots Kindness Movement she started in 2012, The Kindness Solution, whose mission is to promote radical kindness toward ourselves, all living beings, & our earth. The Kindness Solution does this by creating cultures of kindness at home, schools, work, online, & in our communities by promoting proactive kindness, stewardship, and helping people understand their true value and ability to make a difference in the life of another person.  We are thrilled to have Veronica on the team as she brings her extensive business network and strategic mind to the table to bring about a shift in our nations attitude to seek the kinder option in all our business dealings.

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board  Sport (Connecticut)
Mr James Olayos,  President of Future Stars Sports Academy,
Jim is presently the Advancement Director of Notre Dame High School in Fairfield, Connecticut. Previous to his work at Notre Dame, he was the Athletic Director at St. Joseph High School in Trumbull, Connecticut. Jim has been involved in sports for over thirty years as both a player and a coach. He is the founder and creator of the Future Stars Sports Educational Program featuring The Future Stars Lessons of Life Educational Program, a comprehensive youth character development curriculum. In September 2000 he was selected as America’s Most Caring Coach by USA Today Weekend Magazine. In 2001 he was the recipient of the Central Connecticut YMCA Strong Kids Award. In 2003 he was voted one of the top 100 most influential people in Connecticut High School Sports. In 2017 he received the Outstanding Sportsman Award. His sports/educational program has been featured in the New York Times and he has lectured and presented his program for the Frank McGuire Foundation, The After School Corporation (TASC), the National Alliance For Youth Sports (NAYS) and Youth Basketball of America (YBOA). His program has been featured in both the New York Times and USA Today.

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board E Gaming Youth  (Los Angeles CA)

Mr Christian Bishop- CEO Thunder Gaming.
A graduate of California State University-Northridge and passionate lifelong gamer, Christian is committed to building the E-sport community at Thunder Gaming which sits with the Thunder Group which became WKUSA’s first Corporate Founding Member. Christian also starred on the Bachelorette and as a frequent presenter on TV he is no stranger to the spotlight. He believes, “Gamers as a group, are natural introverts and traditional pop culture outsiders, but stepping into that star-gamer spotlight can be a heady experience, and it’s easy to become arrogant and forget your roots when you’re finally sitting at the cool kids’ table.” Christian is considered an authority on this growing industry which is about to surpass all sports events in volume around the globe both from a participants and spectators perspective. He recognises with growth comes the burden of managing a culture and many of his industry’s business leaders in charge of prominent platforms, events and corporate sponsors seem ready to pursue “gated-community”. Inclusivity is a favourite subject of his but a challenge for the industry which sees a growing culture of trolls, bullying and sexual discrimination online. Thunder and Christian are on the front foot of addressing this and we will learn how as the community at Thunder events is thriving and inclusive. Christian was quoted “It’s in no one’s best interest to allow e-sports to evolve into an industry myopically focused on superstar players with little opportunity for talented, but unknown gamers, or our industry leaders to focus on short-term profits and at the expense of a culture and a community. These trends and practices will not be healthy for our industry.” Christian provides the perfect conduit for his generation to the message World Kindness USA hopes to reach.

Member WKUSA National Advisory Board 

Ms. Patrice ‘PJ’ Jackson

Author, influencer, difference maker, PJ brings a positive energy like no other, she is truly one-of-a-kind!  An applied scientist, redefining the narrative for our future, who sees kindness as a key ingredient to success.  PJ is a high energy leader, transformational change agent, and authority on women in business.  After three decades of influencing change in federal government, defense and aerospace industry, PJ is focused on our future by promoting a respectful and diverse culture of kindness from children to CEOs.

PJ is the founder of Positive Knowledge, LLC, a consulting firm for positive transformational change whose goal is to increase the harmony of humanity, one choice, one step, one moment at a time through love, kindness and respect.  As a positive role model, PJ teaches her unique professional development offering Positive Life Skills.  Through her own story, The Labyrinth Influence, Awaken the Wisdom Within, PJ is focused on helping people accelerate their personal growth,  be grounded in a positive self-image, and inspires them to find their true purpose.  As a kindness consultant, PJ provides schools a positive approach to encourage good behavior.  PJ’s children’s character, Sophie G Wanderlin, is a one-of-a-kind adventurer, who teaches the “Colors of Kindness”.  PJ has read to over 3000 children across several states, wearing her rainbow socks and spreading her kindness message to impact our children’s future.

Goodwill Ambassador (Laguna Beach CA)
Ms Shadi Pourkashef

Shadi is a mother, composer/conductor and a teacher, recognized for her fierce advocacy to find a solution to bullying inspired by her son in 2011, she was chosen by the Woodcanyon Elementary school principal to become the CAC (Community Advisory Committee) Representative of the school for the Capistrano Unified School District. For Shadi the urgency to address her son’s situation quickly turned into an urgency to address this epidemic within her community. Shortly after, Shadi became a board member of the CAC, serving on the Ability Awareness Programs Committee. While this committee had developed wonderful teaching programs on tolerance, acceptance and understanding towards children with special needs, it became apparent that the area of bullying wasn’t being directly addressed. In December of 2012 she saw the opportunity to fill in where their proposed programs had limited reach and founded Ability Awareness Project, a non-profit based in Laguna Beach, California with the mission to build a united interconnected world, free of bullying. Ability Awareness Project has developed an online educational platform at and a total of 7 presentations for parents, educators and students K-12+ providing anti-bullying education. She became a founding Member in June 2018 and a Goodwill Ambassador for Laguna Beach. With the support of her city council she has acheived so much in a short time and we are very grateful for her commitment and passion to the global campaign for a kinder world. Email
Goodwill Ambassador (Corona, CA)
Mrs. Shirley Zink

Shirley has received several honors including:  “Volunteer of the year in Orange County in 2003” ”Woman of Significance” with Soroptimists in 2009, “Molina Healthcare Award” in 2010, Bank of America “Local Hero Award” in 2010, “National Anti-Bullying Award”, presented by the National School Safety Council in 2014 and the “Citizen of the Year” presented by the Corona Chamber of Commerce in 2017.  She also sits on the board of her church.  She taught junior high school students before starting her family.  Shirley and her husband started a business in 1989, West Coast Fund Raising.  In 1988 their son Steven, tragically, took his life on his 19th birthday as a result of bullying which led to depression. This led Shirley on a quest to make sure that the bullying Steve had experienced would not happen to other families.  She became a New Hope crisis counselor, taught suicide prevention dn intervention for 14 year and was a member of the American Society for Suicidology. She founded Simple Acts of Care & Kindness, Inc., a non-profit with a mission to make our world a kinder place which became a founding member of World Kindness USA in 2018.   Shirley directed a “Care & Kindness” conference for her church which led her to the belief that “care and kindness” needs to begin with children.  It was great leading, inspiring and educating adults on how to care for others, but she believed that there needed to be a venue that spoke directly to children.

In 2004 the first World Kindness Youth Conference was held.  It was small but it was a good beginning.  Each year it has grown and now there are over 4000 4th graders attending each year.


Goodwill Ambassador  Education (Salisbury MD)
Ms Grace Foxwell Murdock
Grace Foxwell Murdock is a native of the eastern shore of Maryland in the USA. As a 38 year educator, Grace’s love of teaching and community beckoned her to stay involved with both after retiring in 2011. The tragedy at Sandy Hook, CT, where children and educators were lost in a school shooting, led her to create Kindness Bracelet,  the original. The bracelet helps people remember to give kindness, receive kindness and acknowledge kindness. Beads are moved along the cord to count 12 kind acts a day. With Grace’s sales she has donated Buddy Benches to area elementary schools in Somerset and Wicomico counties. Books about kindness accompany every bench as teachers’ resources to help students learn how to be kind. Grace has raised funds to bring kindness speakers to schools and also organized the worldwide Life Vest Inside’s Dance for Kindness for 2016, 2017, and will again in 2018. Through her work with the Wicomico County Public Schools under her “Wicomico Grows Kindness” initiative, is a Founding Member and in 2018 was appointed by the city as the Secretary of Kindness the same year. she was awarded the Friend of Education award. Grace now has her heart set on her city, Salisbury, MD, becoming a World Kindness USA City. She wants citizens and visitors to experience her tagline, “May kindness find you every day” in her city of Salisbury..

Goodwill Ambassador  (Washington DC)
Ms Jennifer A. Smith M.Ed., BCBA, LBA
Joy, Love and Laughter are the words that come to mind when you meet this dynamic young woman. Jennifer is known as someone who, when she sets her mind to do something, there is no stopping this force of nature. Her approach to life comes with her unique sense of good humour which lights up any room she enters. Jennifer is a successful business owner and mother of two with a passion for helping others. Founder of Behavioral Consulting Services, Inc., a therapy practice  (est 2008), providing in-home therapy to children with autism spectrum disorders.  Inspired by her daughter Claire who advocated for a kindness club in her elementary school Jennifer joined WKUSA to  encourage adults in her community to heal current cultural divisions with kindness. While primarily helping those with special needs, she is excited to marry the science of behavior analysis to the application of kindness in communities. Knowing this we connected her with another one of our Founding Members, to be a “Citizen Scientist” collaborating on the first school study of staff kindness perceptions in schools. Jennifer received her Master’s degree in Special Education/Severe Disabilities (2010) at Johns Hopkins University.  Jenn received a B.S. in Psychology from George Mason University (2004) and obtained a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University (2009).  Jennifer has been practicing in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2001 and is a licensed behavior analyst in Virginia. Begnning her career as an ABA therapist she became a board certified associate behavior analyst (BCaBA) in 2007. Jennifer received her certification as a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) in 2011. Whether practicing in her field, or seeking to inspire others, she believes kindness is essential to human happiness and survival.  Favorite Quote  “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”  – Dalai Lama. Its an absolute pleasure to have Jennifer and her businesses on board as Founding Members to World Kindness USA, which are already providing a tremendous value add to the national campaign and to the Kindness Brains Trust. email

Goodwill Ambassador  Social Media (Los Angeles, CA)
Mr Owin Pierson

Owin is a creative soul who was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Owin got his Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Education while also working full-time in middle and high school youth ministry at his local church. Back in 2016 Owin took a huge leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles to pursue photography. Since then he has been able to travel all around the world working with various brand and businesses helping them build their global vision into the digital world. All this was possible because of Owin’s vast expertise and knowledge of social media and content creation that he learned through connecting with all types of people. Owin credits his passions and opportunities in life to his Asian-American heritage, as well as his involvement in the LGBTQ Community. Through his social media platform Owin shares about happiness, inspiration, travel, mental health, LGBTQ rights, the Los Angeles lifestyle and events happening all around the California area. He believes that social media is a key element in reaching and influencing the present and future generations into a world full of kindness and hope. Owin now works in Social Media and Digitial Marketing for various companies, and now with World Kindness USA.. Its an absolute pleasure to have Jennifer and her businesses on board as Founding Members to World Kindness USA, which are already providing a tremendous value add to the national campaign and to the Kindness Brains Trust. email

Goodwill Ambassador  (Phoenix Arizona)
Ms ShaRon Rea
ShaRon Rea is a champion for outstanding family relationships, as owner, author and communication specialist with The Whole Family Coaching . Her joy and purpose is to educate and inspire parents, children and adults to live together with love, respect and cooperation. ShaRon is a dynamic facilitator, teaching tools to achieve “family wholeness” by combining evidence-based curriculum with real life effective relationship and communication
skills. The magic happens for everyone when they learn to process information differently, making it possible to find understanding between what someone said, what was heard and what was really meant. Families can now triumph because everyone has the opportunity to be accepted for exactly who they are. ShaRon has a strong business background that encompasses more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of communication, education, childcare, government and public service. A sampling where her leadership talents drove success are: lobbyist representing clients before the New York State Legislature; communications director and event manager with a NY law firm; project manager for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Arizona and executive board member for a variety of non-profit organizations. She is founder of the global movement No Judgment Just Love whose mission is to inspire humanity to live together with unconditional love…one courageous action at a time. No Judgment Just Love shifts negativity, smooths discourse and brings peace to every soul.
Goodwill Ambassador –  (Denver Colorado)
Ms Cher Cruz

Cher has worked in the field of finance for the last 25 years. She has expertise in lending and international equity sales trading and has worked in New York, Hong Kong, Europe, Latin America and currently resides in Lakewood, Colorado.  Cher is a connector who loves to learn, share, and inspire to ignite meaningful conversation. She believes we can bring individuals and businesses together to become opportunity makers to foster collaboration that is impactful for the greater good of community.  She is a leader in business and the service community.  As the Chairperson of the Lakewood Services Organization Coalition and President of South Jeffco Rotary, Cher is passionate about supporting programs that focus on literacy, peace and the environment.   Cher founded the Lakewood Bully Awareness Project, and is President of Hog Haven Farm, an animal rescue.  She believes kindness bridges all divides and loves to mentor and work with all members of society.  Cher has been married for 29 years and has twin boys who are 19. World Kindness USA welcomed her as a Founding Member in April 2018 and Cher hit the ground running providing a tremendous value add with the introduction to the school district and city.

Goodwill Ambassador  (San Diego CA)
Ms Tristaca McRay

Tristaca McCray is the Founder of NERDS RULE INC, a leading humanitarian organization that gives communities, schools, partners in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and become effective leaders. In 2011 her first year the helm of NERDS RULE INC., Tristaca deployed a bold strategic framework to guide and grow her hometown humanitarian organization’s impact for youth, teens and young adults dealing with Bullying, Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention by 2020 through scale and innovation. As a respected and nationally recognized leader in the community and nonprofit sector, her organisation NERDS RULE INC is now a Founding Member of the World Kindness USA. Tristaca is is the recipient of San Diego’s Most Influential Person In The Community Award  and in 2016 the White House Award for Nonprofit Global “Change Maker” by The First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama— United State Of Women.​ We welcome NERDS RULE to the campaign for a kinder world look forward to working with Tristaca as a WKUSA Goodwill Ambassador for the City of San Diego.   email

Goodwill Ambassador  (Miami Florida) on Leave of Absence
Ms Lizette Restrepo
Liz is a former MTV Host, originally from Queens, New York, she lived in Colombia exploring her roots and in Mexico establishing her NFP.  Her rich tapestry of life lived experiences inspired her dedication for kindness after experiencing abuse, violence, emotional abandonment and neglect first hand as a child. As a result Lizette wears many hats as a community minded business women, life coach, and founder of  two Non Profits, I AM BENEVOLENCE and Help and Happiness Foundation. I AM BENEVOLENCE is a global movement designed to inspire people of all ages, race, color, religion, and gender to come together as one human family by performing guided kindness through random acts of kindness for their neighbors and community. Her Help and Happiness Foundation, provides hospice to severely ill. Personally, she has opened the doors of her home to people in distress due to life’s hardships. As a life coach, Liz’ focuses on those struggling with depression, divorce, career and major life transitions, family counseling, at-risk teens and teen pregnancy. Despite her hectic schedule she finds time to volunteer as a guardian for foster children. Her story is currently being chronicled in her memoirs, set to be published in 2019. We welcome liz to the team and are greatful for her authentic representation as an emissary of kindness email

Goodwill Ambassador  (Boulder, CO)
Ms Victoria St.John
Victoria is known as A “ballsy” city girl, Having made her mark with bold concepts and an intrepid desire to find and/or create the next big idea. She raised over $2million in funding, branded 50+ businesses, served on several Chamber Boards and was featured on 20/20. At 40, diagnosed with ADD her career focus shifted, she spent 9 years working to better understand ADD and related disorders, identifying critical social & economic problems in the process. Advocating for Neurodiversity, looking to empower other adults who sit in the state of confusion she once knew only to well, Victoria sees global collaboration as imperative when the world is divided by Politics, Hierarchy, Racism, and Religion.  As co founder of  Sexy Genius  she has built a social platform for the Neurodiverse community and felt it was the perfect timing to become a Founding Corporate Member and add value World Kindness USA’s big picture supporting the global platform to challenge the stigma associated with Spectrum Disorders and promote awareness, acceptance and intrigue around the Neurodivergent mind. Her  personal philosophy, “We are leaders, risk takers and big thinkers. We embrace our fears and accept our failures. We do not stand in judgment of others, we accept everyone for exactly who they are, and where they are in their own journey.We are so grateful to have Victoria’s amazing mind join with others in our quest to create a national platform for collaboration based on a foundation of kindness.
Goodwill Ambassador  (Solvang CA)
Ms Karen Palmer
Karen is President and CEO of Eco-Angel Enterprise; a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing environmental education, compassion, kindness, and mindfulness to schools and in April 2018 became a founding member of World Kindness USA. . She is the Founder of her local Earth Day and creator of “Let’s Save Our Earth” a board game to empower children.   She believes in being a #voiceforthevoiceless and helps many other non-profit organizations and animal rescue. Karen is also a professional public and motivational  speaker hosting several several popular online shows. She was Event Director for “Global Women’s Summit” and currently Director of Marketing for “Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative.  Karen is a successful non-profit business leader, Best-Selling Author, Game Designer, with a strong social media presence, An Angel to many, Karen is also an award-winning  singer and songwriter and will be going on tour for “The Spirit of Love” in 2018 teaching self-love, kindness, and cooperation through concerts, workshops, and community events  . email
Goodwill Ambassador  (St Paul Minnesota)
Ms Lori Myren-Manbeck

Lori is a licensed clinical psychologist, having earned her Ph.D. from the University of Rhode Island in 2002.  Her dissertation involved talking with parents about communication in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Rhode Island Hospital.  After earning her Ph.D., Lori worked with children and adults who had experienced trauma, many of whom were living in conditions of poverty.  Noting an increase in prejudice, divisiveness, and exclusion in recent years, Lori decided it was time for her to use her passion and intelligence to fulfill a broader mission.  To achieve this goal, she moved into the corporate sector, opening a company that creates beautiful wearable art and donates profits and time to organizations involved in making the world a better and kinder place.  Social justice and kindness are Lori’s passions and she feels fortunate to have found a way to combine these passions with her career, first through being a psychologist and more recently by creating a company focused on taking care of the earth and her inhabitants.  Lori attributes her compassion and desire to help others to being raised by people who live active and intentional lives of compassion.  Since starting Inclusivi-tee, Lori has discovered that she appreciates the challenge of creating a company, as well as the excitement of finding community partners with whom she can share her vision.  She is looking forward to directing Inclusivi-tee’s growth as the company finds its place as a leader in the social enterprise movement.  email

Goodwill Ambassador  (New York)
Mr Stephanus Vermeulen

Stephanus  is the founder of 4 Good and former advisor to the Obama administration. Hailing initially from the Netherlands, his global company has a focus on purpose. One of our newest Corporate Members and Goodwill Ambassador was introduced by our New Jersey Goodwill Ambassador, Mr Corey Harnish.  “Consumer spending is the most powerful force in World Change, if even a fraction of that spending can fight climate change, reduce poverty and inequality, the impact is enormous.” 4Good Inc. is a For-Profit Corporation that seeks to weave “Giving” into peoples’ daily lives by offering a High-Tech. Marketplace using cutting edge Ai and Blockchain Technology to stimulate Consumers and Brands to donated to causes that can take real action about the most pressing issues of our society. Check it out: email

Goodwill Ambassador
Mr Corey Harnish

Corey Harnish is a Social Impact Entertainment Specialist. For the last 5 years, he’s been on a journey to make this world a better place and believes that by bridging the sciences of Positve Psychology, Play, and Gamification we can encourage a global trend of doing good while empowering people to take, small positive actions, and see their impact in real time. As an experienced Life Coach with a background in gamification and motivation psychology, Corey has effectively facilitated professional teams of developers, fundraisers, and communication specialists. Corey is a Founding Member of World Kindness USA and the CEO of Better World International 501(c)(3). He leads the development of a tech-based social emotional learning program which empowers individuals (primarily students), to do good for themselves and each other. Additionally, Corey provides business development consulting to social entrepreneurs with startups, sits on the Board of Advisors for 4Good Inc. as the Social and Humanitarian chair, is an Honorary Rotarian, and an AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni.

Goodwill Ambassador (Rhode Island)
Ms Andrea Munro

Andrea Munro is an educator with 15 years of experience in curriculum development, technology integration, and faculty training at both the K-12 and higher education levels.  Her journey to education was nontraditional.  Beginning as a marketing manager for a TV network in NYC, she volunteered as a NYCares Team Lead providing enrichment opportunities for homeless children while their parents received job placement training.  After such a rewarding experience, she decided to switch careers, attending graduate school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and working as a mathematics teacher at a Media Arts High School.  It was here that she began to see the value of multimedia to provide equity both inside and outside the classroom.  Through her web-based curriculum, parents who worked fulltime could be part of her classroom and students who needed to spend longer reviewing class content could do so without fear of judgment or ridicule.  This eventually led to a career in online Instructional Design at the college level where she currently teaches educators to leverage technology to ensure accessibility, equitability, and inclusivity.  In her volunteer efforts, she used the power of multimedia to spread the Kindness Recycled Movement recruiting 70 partner organizations, from 23 states, and together, they committed to over 500,000 acts of kindness during World Kindness Week in 2018  Andrea is committed to researching new and innovative ways to further these endeavors through her current dissertation work.  As the World Kindness Ambassador to Rhode Island, Andrea applies her unique skill set to create videos for WKUSA that build awareness and spread the organization’s vision and mission.  Under the Kindness Recycled Movement umbrella, she also speaks on behalf of WKUSA to children and school leaders to promote kindness curriculum, empowering young people to shift negative school cultures.

Goodwill Ambassador   (IT) Wanted IT is an absolute essential sector to address as society moves more into the world of high tech digital space and it is important we have representation to ensure kindness is considered in these development so as not to disonect us from our humanity. We are looking for leaders in social media to join the campaign for a kinder world we are seeking more nominations for individuals who would like to play a lead role to assist others in their sector become involved and collaborate on developing a culture of kindness within a growing IT sector.
Goodwill Ambassador   (Sport) Wanted
Seeking roles models in sports, whether its be Basketball, Tennis, Golf,  Baseball,bFootball. Soccer, or our Olympians to ensure that the way we conduct ourselves on the sports field inspires our youth to be the best they can be. We are looking for leaders in ithis space to be emisaries of kindness encouraging the nation to join in the campaign for a kinder world by plaingy a lead role to assist others in their sector become involved and collaborate on developing a culture of kindness within a US Sport’s sector so what happens on tour is something we are proud to share on Facebook.
Goodwill Ambassador   (Media) Wanted
The Media is an influential sector on the nation’s cultural mindset and as more journalists join the campaign for a kinder world we are seeking nominations for industry professionals and journalists who would like to play a lead role to assist others in their sector become involved and collaborate on developing a culture of kindness within an industry which too often can become compromised by the headlines. email