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Our Kindness Clause

World Kindness USA – Article 28 KINDNESS CLAUSE

a) Members will use their best endeavours to ensure they will not either intentionally or unintentionally exclude members from conversations, at gatherings online groups or at social events. Members will always be aware of those who may be on the outer or social fringe. Our members will be compelled to not just notice but to act ensuring all WKUSA members and visitors are welcomed in with a warm smile hello providing a secure sense of belonging. We will always be alert and on-guard to ensure the division of politics never has a part to play in our organisation that strives for collaboration and transparency in all our matters and dealings. Conversations behind closed doors will only ever be undertaken with the best of intent and as a step to seek council.

b) Should any dispute or disagreement arise between members, our management, staff, executive members or any WKUSA stakeholder, parties in question must exhaust all options to resolve the differences amicably and directly in a safe environment created through seeking the kinder option of compromise. When we forget we will remind each other of Article 28 of the WKUSA constitution to support members to address the issue rather than the person seeking patience and clarity, as what is often lost in translation can be found through conversations in kindness.

c)Finding the courage to choose the kinder option in all decision-making processes will ensure we remain focused on our greater purpose. This includes the ability to question process and compliance which whilst mandated as a KPI or Standard Operating Procedure may not serve the greater good or even potentially cause harm. We will Not protect our brand at the sacrifice of our integrity, instead place the well-being of people above our bottom line. We value what weighs in our hearts and minds rather than the weight of compliance, when what is printed may not serve the greater good.
d) To this end, Members will endeavour to not vent their frustrations, project blame, criticism or make defamatory remarks either verbally or through expression. (eg; smirks, hand gestures and or eye rolling) which may be perceived to malign an individual in an attempt to discredit either online, in public places, at meetings, amongst third parties or at social gatherings, especially in the event the party in question is absent or out of line of sight. WKUSA members will demonstrate patience and understanding not allowing small issues to jeopardize relationships and sabotage the collaboration of our collective campaign for a kinder world. When we find ourselves feeling frustrated, tired or annoyed we will look within taking a deep breath before we address any concerns either personal or professional with honesty tempered with compassion.