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The above is a three minute video explaining why we are hosting the inaugural #Rock4Kindness event on Sunday, June 14th,  for World Kindness USA’s 1st anniversary #ThunderStudios. #R4K is a gathering of influencers but rather than being a celebration of WKUSA’s achievements, it is a bold move to have the uncomfortable conversations America struggles to have in a safe space. It comes with certain risk, but if we are going to walk the talk, we must do this by seeking the kinder option. Everyone is welcome to the conversation, bringing questions and ideas but most of all undertaking to play the ball rather than the person. In a world that struggles to be the best we can be, we need to find our courage to be kind in the Home of the Brave. Below are just some of the uncomfortable conversations we are looking at that have become the white noise in the 24/7 media cycle that fuel the fire:

1. Gun Violence
2. Refugees
3. Racism
4. The Environment
5. Equality
6. Indigenous rights
7. The Wealth Gap
8. People In Distress AKA Homeless, Veterans, Domestic Violence, Mental Health.
9. Education
10. Identity Politics and Media

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Attending Rock4Kindness?

If so, please register here. The prices for the tickets are as follows:

  • Attending as an Audience (General Admission) – $20
  • Attending via Live Stream- $5.50
  • Are you attending as a Panelist/ Speaker or a Performer? – Free admission

How to Register:

For Members: 

1. If you are a member of World Kindness USA, please click the blue button below REGISTERED MEMBERS, and it will take you to a registration form for Members, where you will need to specify the ticket you want to purchase to attend the event. Members may receive discounts.
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3. World Kindness USA will verify your information, and then send you the next steps to complete your registration and purchase.

For Non-Members: 

1. If you are not a member of World Kindness USA, please select the button below the ticket you want to purchase under NON- MEMBERS area.
2. Pay through Paypal.
3. After the payment, you will see a ‘Return to Merchant’ button on the PayPal page (bottom area). Click it, and you will be redirected to a form for Non-Members.
4. Fill up the form to complete your registration and click Send. World Kindness USA will receive your submission and will reply with necessary details.


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